About the Book
Close your eyes for one moment.  

Picture sitting around the dining room table while your Bubbe, your Grandmother, is in the kitchen cooking your absolute favorite treat.  

Be it the smell of chicken soup with matzo balls, the sounds of the sizzling oil as latkes are being prepared.  

And the smile on her face as she would bring in that meal to the table for all to enjoy.

  Those memories, feelings, and moments are what the highlights of our childhood was made of.

 Bubbe wants you to feel that connection, revealing only need to know information, making you feel like Bubbe is adopting you into her family.  

This is not your typical book, yes it includes recipes but this book has a “Yiddish Word of the Day”, stories, words of encouragement amongst other surprises that makes any human soul want to know more.

Take a closer look at Bubbe's incredible world up close and personal what our fans affectionately know of as Feed Me Bubbe.http://www.feedmebubbe.com/shapeimage_1_link_0
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